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Origin of Arashi ryu Kempo

Shihan DaniŽl De Groote practised eastern Martial Arts from the age of 16. He started with Judo and Aikido and afterwards he focused on Karate. He stayed loyal to Goju Ryu Karate during 10 years, until he discovered Kempo. The shihan practised Shin Gi Tai Kempo, Shaolin Kempo and later also Wing Chun. These styles quickly formed the basis for Arashi Ryu Kempo. Arashi Ryu Kempo started development end of the '80s. Interest in it still keeps rising and it knows a continuous progression in which every lesson new ideas are brought to the front. At this moment Shihan is not only appointed in Arashi Ryu Kempo, but he also has Dan-degrees in Tai-Jutsu, All-Combat and Nin-Jutsu.

Shihan D. De Groote with his first Karate Master Sensei W. Schallenbergs 1975-1976

The Arashi Ryu Kempo emphasizes realism, effectiveness, speed and strength.
Realism: The ability to experience and practise situations that can be felt as real and possibly life threatening.
Effectiveness: Learning to judge the situation and to act effective. "To the point": short and with force but also with consideration.
Speed and Strength: Through well thought through trainings, reflexes become better controled. The purpose is to react at the right moment with the right objective in the mind.

A 1980's on a demonstration in Tienen

In total this wil lead to a succesfull defense. The pupils learn to make the right decisions mentally aswell as fysically. Regular training will result in a better health. The Arashi Ryu Kempo is more than a self defense sport, its self developped. Studying kempo, is studying for life.


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