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What is Arashi ryu Kempo

In the Arashi ryu Kempo we mainly emphasize on spontaneous defense. The positions are natural and allow direct reaction. The defensive moves are mostly done in smooth circular movements. The attacks on the contrary are quick, hard and pointed at the vital points and muscles.
In the Arashi ryu Kempo, we use also throws, locks and strangulation.
The Arashi ryu Martial Artist can, by using his speed of the offered combinations, counter very effectively against an opponent.

DaniŽl De Groote : Shihan
President A.R.S.M.A. : Arashi Ryu School of Martial Arts
Co-Founder P.M.A.F. : Progressif Martial Arts Federation
Founder Arashi Ryu Kempo
Teacher different eastern Martial Arts and traditional weapon arts

6th Degree Black Belt Arashi Ryu Kempo
5e Dan Tai-Jutsu (shin)
5e Dan Master Instructor All-Combat (combat survival system)
4e Dan Self Defense Karate (C.S.S.)
1e Dan Chakuchin Karate (B.K.O.)
1e Dan GoGyo Ryu Nin-Jutsu


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